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The body


Much of the media attention surrounding barefoot running has focused on the physical; either explaining how barefoot running helps you to run better with fewer injuries - or vice versa!


One of the most important things to understand is that removing your shoes won’t immediately make you a better runner.  The transition can involve some real eye openers about what is going wrong with your running style and those issues need to be addressed in a patient and progressive manner.


Once you’ve ironed out any problems, however, you should find that your body moves more efficiently and your running feels smoother and more fluid.  There are lots of reports of people whose back pain or knee pain has gradually been resolved as their feet and ankles become stronger, more mobile and fully connected to the mechanics of the rest of their body.

"You are no more aware of your feet than you are of your stomach.
Although they are your roots.
The very anchor of your fragile vessel.
Keep them alive.  And sensitive.
Let them feel the ground for you."

- Frédérick Leboyer

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