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"Running from office" - J.T. Steiny

The soul


Barefoot running is good for your soul.


In a world of computers, telephones, fast food, deadlines and the stress of having to look and behave a certain way, it can be overwhelmingly therapeutic to just take off your shoes and run, feeling the earth beneath you as you go.


Instead of the constant, sweaty, cramped feeling around your feet, they are free to move and feel the ground.  Other exercise systems encourage bare feet (martial arts, yoga) to accentuate grounding, centring and getting in touch with the ‘inner you’.


This is often an unexpected side effect of barefoot running.  The majority of people give it a go for physical improvement but the development of the soul (and sole) can sometimes be the most rewarding outcome.


Expect an awakened appreciation of nature and being part of a vast and fascinating universe.  Expect to leave your phone, your ipod and even your watch at home on purpose.  You will begin to know the pure and simple pleasure of just running and letting nothing get in the way of that.

"Most men take the straight and narrow.  A few take the road less travelled.  I chose to cut through the woods."

- Unknown

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