Before I met David (around eleven years ago) I was a solitary runner.  I didn't like running with other people because they interfered with my time and distance goals.  They also interfered with my time.  Running was a haven for me to escape - to allow my thoughts to r...


I have been running barefoot, almost exclusively, for about three years now.  And I have developed quite a serious problem.  No, I haven't damaged my feet. Or lost any toes. In fact, I'm enjoying running more than ever before.

The fact is, though, that I find I'm...


I was recently asked if there was anyone for whom barefoot running is not suitable and it got me thinking. First of all, it's always advisable to get checked out by your GP if you're thinking of trying barefoot running, particularly if you have an existing medical issu...


A lady approached David yesterday while he was waiting in a queue at the cashpoint.  Her appearance was what some people might describe as "eccentric".  Her clothes were slightly dishevelled, her hair was long and a little bit wild and she walked up to David with a rat...


David and I have been so busy building our barefoot running workshop that my blog has gone from a sporadic series of thoughts to....nothing!

I have numerous discussions on a daily basis that inspire me to "discuss" them here which then makes things clearer in my head...


Having been in the Pilates world for a number of years, I have had "neutral spine" pretty much drummed into me.

However, I always like to question what I'm told (and have never liked doing as I'm told) so I'm quite interested in the latest debate regarding spinal posi...

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