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Run Strong • Run Free:

An introduction to the science and art of barefoot running

Barefoot running is not a new phenomenon.  Human beings have been walking and running barefoot on a daily basis for centuries without the need for extra padding or protection and, in many countries, they still do.

It is only relatively recently, however, that barefoot running has begun to transform the running community worldwide.  Runners everywhere are beginning to reap the benefits: smoother, more efficient running style, reduced injuries and enhanced performance.  A lesser known but equally rewarding outcome is a more relaxed attitude towards running based on the therapeutic effects of the direct connection between bare feet and the earth.

This book - written by experienced barefoot runners and movement therapists Anna Toombs and David Robinson - offers readers all the tools necessary to improve their running using the barefoot method.  They will initially be led through the anatomy and essential biomechanics that equate to sound running technique then subsequently discover how to put theory into practice using specific drills and exercises to develop the muscle strength, elasticity and coordination necessary for optimum running performance.  Added to this is a very practical guide outlining the common mistakes that new barefoot runners should avoid, as well as advice throughout geared towards safe progression without injury.

Whether the goal is improved performance, injury reduction or just to get more enjoyment from running, this book has something to offer every aspiring athlete!

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